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Long-term client value is driven by building the strength of a firm’s intangible assets – their brand, human and relationship capital. We work with clients to understand their strengths in each of these areas and design together the interventions and investments which will help them grow.


A strong corporate brand starts with real clarity around the proposition. A brand ‘dramatises’ that proposition through a mix of distinctive design, communication and behaviours. We help clients build a unique corporate brand strategy and supporting brand identity. Key to this is Marketing, HR and Real Estate working seamlessly together to the same script. The way a firm communicates, presents itself and interacts with the world brings the brand to life.


Attracting, retaining and developing the differentiating talent to deliver a distinctive proposition is key to creating value. Our work helps clients to ‘bridge’ their external proposition with their employee proposition. We also design and run programmes to develop employee skills in the key areas required to consistently deliver on the proposition for every client, every time.


The value inherent in strong customer relationships is self-evident. We work with our clients to help strengthen customer dialogue and relationships in a variety of ways. Internal relationship capital is an area less well understood but the value of a strong and well-functioning internal working community is at least as valuable as strength in customer relationships. We have developed a unique tool to help clients measure and understand the strength of their organisational social capital, which reflects a well-functioning organisational culture. Our research tool allows leaders to understand the dynamics at play and design interventions to stimulate the development of a unique and valuable culture.